Why To Choose Recycled Timber For Home Flooring


When compared to other kinds of floor coverings, the wooden floor is far healthier. It needs fewer chemical solutions to clean the surface. The best part is that wood floors do not trap much dust or dirt. If you have people suffering from allergies, you should choose to prefer only wooden floors. The choice is much better than carpet floors. Even the doctors recommend wooden floors for joints and the spine. Then, the material is also comfortable on the feet and legs. If you want to settle for this type of natural flooring solution, then go for a recycled timber home floor or instead reclaimed timber for a floor. Recycled, antique, and reclaimed wood are popular choices on home floors.

As the name suggests, recycled timber is recycled wood and is an eco-friendly flooring option. The old timber is used for manufacturing the floor, so there is no cut down of virgin forest and trees for the wood. Recycled wood is a classic example of living green, which may be milled to appear like new.

At times, consumers even look for specific features in the recycled wood-like nail holes, fastener, and bolt marks to ensure that it is recycled wood. They were the part of the appeal that contributed to its attractiveness. Old wood has a sort of rustic appeal, which is all due to the years of usage.

Where Does The Recycled Timber Come From?

Wooden Floor

Recycled wood or recycled timber comes from old buildings and furniture that are of no use anymore. If the building is demolished or is about to be refurbished, the timber must be collected for the making of the floor and furniture. On the other hand, the antique wooden floor may be reclaimed from wood procured from dismantled buildings and old barns. Distressed wood is often appreciated for its fantastic stability, beauty, and patina.

The Rustic Wooden Floor Has More Of Natural Character

If you are looking for the natural character on the wooden floor, like color variations and knots, you should choose recycled timber. Varying grain patterns, color variation, and insect marks have a distinct appeal. Recycled wood comes from furniture, demolished buildings, and old floors. Such wood can be used to make a new floor. You will do your part of the work for the environment by choosing recycled wood.

Most of the old homes and historic structures make use of reclaimed wooden floors and recycled wood in the construction. Old wood has a kind of appeal and character which is unmatched. Most of the time, vintage recycled wood is procured from the old-growth forest areas. Your floor surface can have random widths beautiful in itself. The floor, made from recycled and reclaimed wood, has a distinct and defining character.

The Benefits Of Using Recycled Timber

Hardwood Floors

  • The use of recycled wood helps to prevent the cut down of trees. This is extremely healthy and great for the environment.
  • It is readily available, so the cost of recycled wooden floors won’t be much.
  • Buildings are now demolished carefully so that the wood may be used for further construction. As the material is re-used, it does not make it to the landfills.
  • Recycled wood is cheaper, so whatever item you buy will be competitive.
  • The recycled wooden floor will last longer, and it will be easier to maintain.
  • The appearance of the floor would be appealing and beautiful. Furniture items and flooring made from recycled wood look much more attractive.

So, we can see that there are so many merits of using recycled wood for flooring. The recycled wooden floor needs less maintenance, so you need not spend a lot of money cleaning and maintaining it. It also safeguards the environment, as the wood is procured from old furniture and buildings.

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