Why White Kitchens Stand the Test of Time


White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen renovations are not projects that we enter into lightly. With all of the time, disruption, and expense that goes into the average rip and renew, most homeowners feel – rightfully – that they should only have to do this once.

But then, stepping back and looking at the kitchen that you are replacing, you can probably see dated colors and styles all over it. Brown green and gold accents from the 70s, pink and black accents from the 80s, etc. How can you be sure that whatever you put in isn’t going to be terribly out of style within a few years?

It’s a fair question to ask, and we have a fair answer for you. Stick with white.

Here’s why:

It’s Clean and Fresh

People expect two things out of a kitchen: they want it to be clean, and they want it to be full of good food. Predominantly white kitchens broadcast these two messages loud and clear. Whereas a predominantly white living room may seem a bit too cold and impersonal, a predominantly white kitchen seems inviting and warm.

This is because we associate the kitchen with more utilitarian practices, while the living room is more for relaxation. White has been a favorite color in kitchens decade after decade. It has yet to go out of style and likely never will.

It Compliments Everything

Choosing white kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean that you have to choose white countertops, white wall paint, or white flooring. White makes a great backdrop and contrast to any other colors you choose to include in your kitchen design. Working as a neutral color, white can make accent colors or materials “pop” more so than they would with a different backdrop.

Plus, wall paint or other accents are far easier to swap out then cabinetry or appliances. You can easily update your accent color themes, and they will always match your white kitchen.

It’s Easy to Find

White is typically the best-selling color, not only for cabinets but also for appliances. As a result, retailers tend to stock white kitchen items in abundance. What this means for you is that there will probably not be much, if any, waiting time added on to your order. Some more custom or specialty colors could take weeks or months to ship. White is always available.

It Gives Off Positive Vibes

In terms of color psychology, white gives off signals of happiness, purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. It is a bright color that is shown to improve moods over darker colors.

Furthermore, white has the incredible ability to make small or cramped kitchens appear to be much more spacious. People feel less crowded or closed-in when they are standing in a white kitchen than they would in a kitchen predominantly decorated with dark browns. White helps create feelings of wellness and reduce stress.

It Blends With Any Existing Style

No matter what architectural style you have chosen for your home, you can work white into it very well. Whether you are living in a beautiful Victorian “gingerbread” house, or an ultra-trendy Manhattan loft, there is a style of white cabinets, countertops, or flooring that will work well in your kitchen.

One Final Thing To Think About:

The main consideration of many homeowners is value. Kitchens with predominantly white color themes tend to sell more houses than their quirkier counterparts. In terms of personal value, people who own predominantly white kitchens tend to feel more satisfied with their design choices. Whether you have plans to move on or stay, a white kitchen will get you more for your money.

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