Why Winter Is A Good Time To Prune And Trim Your Trees


Many people have this false notion that winter is not the right time for tree trimming. Since trees enter dormancy in winters, in reality, this time is beneficial for pruning and tree trimming in Sacramento. While tree trimming can be done all season long, winter becomes the best time for shaping your trees and trimming them for healthy growth.

Here Is Why Should You Have Professionals Trim Your Trees In Winter :

Less Stress On Your Trees

If you have your trees trimmed in the season when trees grow actively, it can stress your trees and cause extra growth. They require sunlight and use it to transform it into usable energy through photosynthesis.

But in winters, trees are not actively growing; all of these activities don’t happen in your landscape design in Sacramento. This is why it becomes an ideal time to trim or prune.  Dormancy in trees uplifts new growth in trees for the warm weather that is going to come. In a dormancy state, trees retain extra energy and thus, have the capability of healing promptly.

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The Cold Season Protects Trees From Diseases And Other Infections

In winters, not just your trees but many insects and pests remain in dormancy. There is very less likelihood of trees getting infected by insects, fungi, pests, and other bacteria. If a tree develops a cut, not only it will heal quickly but also not be likely to be invaded by pests. Cuts and wounds are the entry points for pests and microbes to gain access into the tree and later become a disease.

Trimming Done In Winters Have Better Results

In winters, all the extra leaves fall and drop on the ground. This makes doing pruning and trimming a lot easier because a tree service professional will now be able to see easily where pruning will be beneficial and required. The professional will find it easy to identify the areas that are problematic or diseased. Because of this, the trimming practice will come out to be more effective than done in other seasons.

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Make Your Tree Ready For A Spring Look

When pruning and trimming are performed in winters, you make your trees look their best in the spring season. As mentioned earlier, trees cuts recover quickly in winters, and the new growth will be back in spring, making your trees look attractive with healthy growth.

Trimming right before spring encourages the most abundant growth. For more vigorous and abundant growth, choose to call tree care professionals for tree service in Sacramento in winters.

Winter Trimming Is More Productive

In winters, the ground often becomes frozen. When the ground is frozen, the tree trim professionals can take along heavy equipment with them. Heavy tools and equipment can damage the ground if it is not frozen. This leads to quick jobs, reduced costs, more effective results.

Trimming Your Trees During Winter Lessens The Winter Damage

Trees, when diseased, dying, or dead, can become more harmed with snow and ice. Having your trees trimmed in a dormant state of trees is safe because they preserve more energy to recover fast. Even the trees that are weaker can be revitalized from trimming done in winters.


While tree trimming performed in winter has great results, not all trees should be trimmed in winter. Trimming and pruning lilac flowering trees can cause harm if it is done in the winter season. Bloom buds can get damaged during trimming, which results in bloom loss. The right time to trim these trees by professionals of trimming and tree removal in Sacramento is when a bloom is not there.

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