Why You Need A Heated Towel Rail


Bathrooms don’t tend to be the most significant room in any house, and when it comes to decorating your bathroom you might be struggling to make the most of the space you do have – but there are ways to maximize the area you’re dealing with, and one of those is to install a heated towel rail.

Read on to find out exactly why you need a heated towel rail!

Heated Towel Rail

The most significant benefits to having a heated towel rail are, as mentioned that it can save space in a small bathroom. Most heated towel rails are thin enough that they won’t stick out and cause you to lose more than inch or so, yet you can often fit two or more bath towels on at one time which is ideal if you have a family. Traditional radiators are usually too big for a bathroom, but heated towel rails come in all shapes and sizes to fit into any nook or cranny of your bathroom no matter how small the room might be.

If space-saving isn’t your only issue or isn’t an issue for you at all, there are plenty more advantages to having a heated towel rail in your bathroom. Keep your towels warm while you’re in the bath adds something just a bit more luxurious – because there is no better feeling than stepping out of a long, hot bubble bath into a warm fluffy towel, is there? But it’s not just about feeling good; it’s a practical issue too: drying your towels on a heated towel rail means that they will need to be washed less often, saving you money in the long run. It can also replace your tumble-dryer, which is such an energy drain, and drying your towels between uses helps to keep your bathroom hygienic. Warm, damp towels in a humid bathroom are a full breeding ground for germs; using a heated towel rail, you can help to eliminate this factor and keep your family healthy.

Heated towel rails are incredibly versatile – in that, you can’t just dry your towels on them. If you’ve run out of space when drying your laundry and you desperately need that particular dress to be dry for the morning, throw it on your towel rail, and you’ll be good to go. As well as this, they’re also versatile in that they come in such a massive range of styles. You can find something that works for you and your space, whether that’s to fit next to your bath, so the towels are in easy reach, or in a small toilet-room to keep it warm while providing somewhere to dry towels too. As there are different colors and shapes, if you’re particularly keen on having a theme for your bathroom then you can easily carry this through to the more practical aspects!

All in all, there are several benefits to having a heated towel rail in your bathroom: hygiene, saving space and also just adding a little bit of luxury to the room.

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