Why You Need A High Quality Oriental Carpet


There is nothing quite as luxurious as feeling high-quality silk or wool under your bare feet. Hand-woven silk Persian or Oriental carpets, in particular, are among the most expensive and luxurious in the world. While the main reason for buying a carpet is usually for use, as it immediately adds style and personality to your house, a carpet can also represent a worthwhile investment.

  1. How To Determine The Value Of A Carpet

Knitted Carpet

The value of a carpet is pretty much determined by the same criteria which set the value of works of art: rarity, quality, condition, and authenticity. Furthermore, the bigger they are, the higher the prices get.

When opting to buy a carpet for investment, one should choose a handmade carpet made of natural dyes and high-quality wool or silk. Examine the general condition of the knots as well as the general state of the carpet. The condition of the knots, in particular, will determine how the carpet will age with use and time. Furthermore, a carpet with a unique design, coloring, and motifs tends to increase in value. These aspects make a carpet one of the most rewarding investments possible.

An interesting fact: the most expensive carpet in the world was sold for an incredible 33.8 million dollars in 2013, at a Sotheby’s auction. It is an early 17th century Kerman carpet which displays a rare “vase” technique with a red background. This auction set a new record, as the previous record was held by another Kerman carpet, which was sold in 2010 for “only” 9 million dollars.

  1. How To Maintain Your Carpet In Top Condition

Colorful Carpet

A beautiful carpet stands the test of time, but clearly, red wine spills and chocolate stains aren’t that great. A carpet, especially if considered an investment, needs to be maintained properly to ensure that its value remains unchanged. Proper care and cleaning will keep your carpet looking beautiful for its full lifetime and also improve indoor air quality, as dust tends to accumulate on carpets.

Cleaning your carpet is easier than you think; all you need to know is how to select the right equipment and cleaning products.

  1. Vacuum Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Services

To protect your carpet from dirt and dust, vacuum your carpet at least weekly. Remember to use a clean bag or filter, as a half-full bag can cut your vacuum cleaner’s power in half. Vacuum slowly to get as much dirt up as possible; two slow passes remove more dirt than several quick passes.

Shampoo Your Carpet

Shampoo Your Carpet

If you have no idea how to shampoo a carpet, it can look like a complicated task at first. However, there are a series of steps you can take to ensure the process goes smoothly.

First of all, purchase or rent a carpet shampooer; if you have pets, you may want to look at specifically designed models, as many carpet shampooers don’t do a good job with pet stains. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money; you can get a decent carpet cleaner from as low as $120. In any case, aim to blot pet urine stains as soon as possible before proceeding with the shampooing process.

If possible, remove all furniture; for bulky items that cannot be removed, cover the legs in plastic to protect the furniture from water damage. Use appropriate detergent to avoid driving the stains deeper into the carpet instead of removing them.

Finally, allow the carpet to dry by ventilating the area; leave the windows open or perhaps use fans if windows aren’t available. Remember that no one should walk on the carpet until it has dried, so be careful not to clean yourself into a corner. Begin as far as you can from the door and work your way towards it.

Enjoy Your Carpet

Modern Carpet

If properly cleaned and maintained, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy your carpet, even if it is an investment. Remember to clean and vacuum your carpet often to preserve its beauty and to eliminate even the smallest particles of indoor pollutants, dust, and allergens, allowing you to benefit from a beautiful and stylish carpet fully.

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