Why You Should Consider Bathroom Renovation In Canberra ACT


Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces inside our home. It’s where we go after we wake up and before we go to bed. We can all agree that it’s important to keep our bathrooms in the best shape. This room is where we do our business, and it’s essential for it to remain functional and comfortable for us to use.

However, the average lifespan of a bathroom is 11-20 years. If it reaches 11 years, maybe it’s time to consider a renovation.

If you’re living in an old home or perhaps an outdated one, it’s normal that the bathroom is not as great as the modern ones, including its design, functionality, and comfort. Research says that most people decide to renovate their bathroom once it reaches its lifespan of 11 years. However, each person has different reasons why they want to renovate. Furthermore, renovation doesn’t need to exceed your budget at all.

Bathroom renovation doesn’t mean you have to destroy every detail or feature of the room. However, some consider starting from scratch. However, all of us have different budgets, and maybe repairs and a few tweaks can make your bathroom more functional and comfortable (check out this link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/houzz/2016/02/06/what-to-consider-before-your-bathroom-remodel/?sh=66b17e66758d).

It depends on you as an owner if which process you want to go through, either deconstructing the entire space or just fixing a few features. Moreover, Here Are A Few Reasons To Renovate Your Bathroom to help you decide.

Bathroom Remodel

  1. Fix Existing Damages

Knowing how many years the bathroom has spent serving its purpose, it’s bound to need repairs later on. These damages can affect the functionality of the room, which may get inconvenient. Moreover, the longer you refuse to repair certain things can worsen in the future. Renovation can help with this problem and more.

  1. Update The Design

It’s important to upgrade the looks of the bathrooms and not just our bedrooms. Although it’s the most used space in the house, the idea of making it look better slips our minds. If you choose to renovate your bathroom, this time around, you have the freedom to customize any design you want. Make the bathroom of your dreams come true since it’s your house now. You’ll have the chance to add the features you’ve always wanted.

Of course, remodeling can still be done without deconstructing the whole place. You can add new tiles, accessories, storage space and give it a more modern look. We can all grow tired of the same old design, and it’s normal to want to switch it up.

  1. Add Storage Space

The old version of the room may have little storage space, which doesn’t come in handy in the long run. As years go by, we tend to acquire more stuff, yes, even in the bathrooms. Moreover, small storage spaces wouldn’t do if there are more than two people in the house. Another great thing about renovation is that you can add stylish cabinets to suit your needs. Additionally, you can also go for the mirrored cabinets if you’re more on the practical side.

  1. Functionality

Renovation means making your bathroom more modern and functional to suit everyone’s needs. If it was made 11 years ago, I guess we can all agree that it’s a little outdated. It will require a touch of style from the modern era. Nowadays, we have bathroom bases, basins, also shower screens, and many more. Moreover, it’s a must to upgrade the functionality if there are several members in the household.

  1. Increases House Resale Value

Bathroom renovation is such a great investment since you can sell your home at a higher price if you’re planning to in the future. Most people would agree that modern and up-to-date bathrooms increase resale value, and it stands out from the rest. Which means you can easily ensure a sale.

How To Find Your Bathroom Specialists

When it comes to renovation, we can’t hand over the job to a random team. It needs to be entrusted with people who possess certain skills to get the task done right. If you’re from Canberra in Australia, there are specialists such as Bespoke Bathrooms Canberra that you can check out online. Of course, there are many local experts all around Australia that you can look up on the internet. However, the ones you can trust with the job are those who possess these skills and requirements:


We can all agree that years of experience always count when you want to hire someone for construction-type tasks. Of course, this job is quite difficult, and it’s not something you can DIY. Their experience can easily tell you how long they’ve been sharpening their skills in that department. It’s an important factor because even the smallest mistakes can end up permanent, and you don’t want those mishaps to add to your expenses.


Choose a team you can rely on. Entrusting this intimate part of your home to someone reliable frees you from all the worry and stress. Choosing someone reliable and knows how to get the job done also saves you time and money.


All types of construction workers, specialists, or bathroom designers, must have an eye for detail. They must be open to all types of designs and not to mention they must be crafty. Each person is different from the other, which means contrasting wants and needs (read more). However, no matter how unlike two people are from each other, if your specialists excel in craftsmanship, they’ll get it done. Not only will they get it done, but they must deliver it nicely.


We all have our preferences, and specialists that offer customized designs are a plus. It’s nice to be unique every once in a while, and imagine turning your bathroom design into something you like. Make this space in your home into something unique and functional for everyone with the help of the right specialists.

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