Why You Should Go For Double Storey Home Designs?

On October 2, 2018 by Zac Ferry

Double storey home designs, as the name suggests occupies two floors or is made across two levels. Double storey houses indeed look more lucrative regarding the cost and space. Customers can browse from different floor plans as per their requirements. However, the final decision would be controlled by the budget, lifestyle priorities, and block size.

Single or Double Storey Home Designs?

Double Story Home Design

Since there are several options available, you will always be confused to choose between Single or Double storied home. However, when comparing and choosing sides, it helps to weigh the pros and cons. Many looks at a single storey home to be better connected and open with wider halls and higher ceilings. Generally speaking, the single-story works best for an older family. The double storey home design does carry the wow factor. It is impressive to look at and has a commanding presence on the street. One gets more space and privacy, especially when living with large families. Two storey homes need lesser external maintenance over the years because of the less outdoor wall space. Whatever you decide on, ensure that you get the best value for money. Look at your preferences, needs, and lifestyle to choose between the single and double storey home.

Many people go for double storey home designs and for good reasons. You get more house and space for lesser costs. Here are some benefits of living in a second storey house.

Advantages of Double Storey Home Designs

Double Storey Home Designs

  • A significant advantage is that one can pick the kind of floor plan they would like in the Double storey home designs. One can always decide between a home with extra room to the house or a new backyard.
  • Another advantage is the freedom to build another level in the vertical direction. Thus, you can fit in more floor space within the same block.
  • With a double storey home, you enjoy more flexibility regarding the layout and can plan different rooms as per your needs. For example, you can place the sleeping areas at the upper level away from the living areas downstairs.
  • You can look forward to maximum potential views from the upper floor. You can enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding areas which are not possible from the ground floor.
  • You get two houses on the same land when you build a second storey house. You need not buy two pieces of land for the same house.
  • More living space means you get a more significant floor plan regarding design. There is more of everything, more rooms, more storage space, more bathrooms, and larger livings areas.
  • Depending on the size of your family, it is indeed lovely to see each family members have a room of his own. You might be even able to spare an extra room for the guests.
  • Building a second storey house means you can separate the Private and Public Spaces and enjoy more freedom.

Look for double storey home designs from reputed home builders carrying years of experience in building double-storey houses. With them, you will find all kind of options and more choices. These homes have been carefully designed to create a functional space with great views from all sides. No matter what your family’s size is or requirements are, the double storey homes are sure to suffice the need of every home buyer. There is a perfect house design awaiting you!

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