Why You Should Have A Backlit Mirror In Your Bathroom – Infographic


Why You Should Have A Backlit Mirror In Your Bathroom Infographic

Choosing a mirror that best fits your personal preference can somewhat be complicated, from various expensive to cheaper alternatives through shopping centers, selecting an appropriate mirror takes a lot of decision making. Few mirrors are intimidating to purchase, but with lack of background and knowledge on which type of decorations or which fits your bathroom best can leave you to a disadvantage with the cost and durability of your choice.

Backlit mirrors create a subtle but sufficient light that makes it easier to see your features while shaving or doing your makeup. This type of setup is usually installed using an LED lighting tube that sits behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter. Moreover, instead of using massive and bright themed lighting to your bathroom, backlit mirrors seem to be more versatile in many aspects.

So, why should you install a backlit mirror in your bathroom? Here some benefits on why you should use a backlit mirror as your lighting instead of massive and bright lights.

  • Gives More Space – Given that the modern theme that the backlit mirror brings through bathrooms, the thinner they are, the more area they can provide in your bathroom. Moreover, using this type of setup, it will create an illusion of a larger room than using lights that focus on the whole room and create a crowded room.
  • More Stylish – If you want a cheaper alternative to impress your guests with your bathroom, using backlit mirrors can do the job for you. The lighting setup also gives the impression of a clean and tidy room for your guest and creates a refreshing vibe to the eye.
  • Quality Lighting – When doing your makeup or tidying something on your face and body, a clearer view is your need to see your features. Using backlit mirrors can complement your complexion and gives you a high definition of yourself.
  • No Shadow – Using backlit mirrors can offer you quality lighting. Instead of not seeing your features well when you are shaving, that cause at times for accidents, backlit mirrors highlight your entire face with clear and even light.
  • More Savings – Backlit mirrors use LED lights rather than incandescent ones; this provides a less energy consumption for you and could also last longer than any ordinary bulbs.
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  1. My wife wants to remodel our bathroom that way she can apply her make up, without the need to ding it in the bedroom. We really liked the idea of having an LED lighted mirror, to avoid yellow lighting. With no doubt, we will consider the idea and buy a LED mirror .

  2. Absolutely love every example you have shown! Thank you. Bathroom is the place that is always ignored, and installing a backlit mirror will give premium look to the bathroom where natural light is not available.

  3. It’s nice that you mentioned how backlit mirrors could create a subtle but sufficient light that makes it easier to see your features while shaving or doing your makeup. I think our current bathroom mirror is a bit inconvenient to use, so we should probably buy a new one and replace it. Backlit mirrors seem pretty nice, so we should probably try one out.



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