Why You Should Install A Platform Lift In Your Home Or Business


Platform Lift

When it comes to decorating or renovating your home or business, thinking about different ways to make your premises accessible can be a bit of a headache. Take the difficulty out of decision making and read on to find out why you should install a platform lift in your home or business.


First and foremost, accessibility is incredibly essential – disabled people have a right to be able to access the same places as abled people without issue, any difficulty or embarrassment, and installing a platform lift will help with that. It shows that you respect all of your customers and clients if it’s within your business, and if the lift is for your own home then your quality of life will be vastly improved by being able to access every area of your home with ease. Due to their easy use, they’re a simple way to make peoples’ lives easier.


Platform lifts are incredibly safe; they include a variety of different features that prioritize user safety, such as raised edges to prevent trapped fingers, and an emergency stop button as well as some form of communication in case anyone gets stuck. There’s no need for wheelchair users to remove themselves or be removed from their wheelchair to use a platform lift, which is another added level of safety, and training is also provided on how to use the lift, ensuring the safety of both yourself and your customers.


It doesn’t take long to install a platform lift – in less than a week the lift will be installed and ready to use, ready to improve your life at home or your customers’ lives at your store or business premises. Platform lifts have a small footprint, too, which means no digging and therefore less mess – and they take up a lot less space than a conventional lift! This means you don’t have to lose out on as much floor space when it comes to making your home or business accessible. Maintenance in the long term is cost-effective and straightforward, too, and platform lifts are really simple to use.

It’s not hard to see why platform lifts are so popular: they’re safe and easy to use, allow more extensive access to your company or home, and have reduced running costs in comparison to traditional lifts making them the perfect choice for improving disability access and quality of life.


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