Why Your Home’s Facade Is Crucial to Your Home Appraisal


The doors and windows of your home are portals to splendid interiors. Still, they’re also part of the external facade, a fronting home veneer that uses your pristine outer walls and those functional, structural components to create an attractive outer shell, one that shows off your property. An exceptional home facade delivers an all-important first impression, one that holds great value in the real estate field.

The First Indicator of Financial Worth

Home Exterior

A financial evaluation of property value comes from first impressions, from a seasoned eye that can evaluate facade brickwork and wood panels. The outer walls should convey curb appeal, naturally, but, on closer inspection, the quality of the wood and the condition of the bricks may tell a different story.

Maintained and Cleaned to Impress

Maintained and Cleaned Home

A crisp book cover promises clean pages. A freshly coiffed employee conveys a professional appearance, and, in much the same manner, a properly maintained home exterior shows that the owner cares. The window frames should be freshly painted, and the windows clean. The front door receives special attention in this scenario, as does the footpath and the driveway. This is where prospective buyers receive their first close-up look at the property.

Extending Perspective Beyond the Home

Extending Perspective Beyond the Home

The front garden brings the design together, framing the home. A garage plays a similar role, sheltering cars and adding storage. As such, a door that matches a first-rate home facade is very desirable. Choose An Allstate Door Company or a similar business that can complete this task with vigor and accomplished artistry. A firm with a high reputation will deliver the right solution for every facade.

First Impression Expenditures

Appealing Home Exterior Design

While the interior of both the home and garage should stand on their own merits, consumer report experts project a 2 to 5 percent increase in home appraisal valuations when you’re willing to spend hard cash on facade enhancements. Restore the roof or hire a landscaping expert, and reap the returns when the home appraisal concludes. Even replacing a plain mailbox with a decorative model will help.

Home Exterior Design

We’re creatures that rely on the first impression principle, a method of assessing that translates to the curb-appeal aesthetic. Increase the likelihood of a favorable review by keeping the exterior street-facing walls and windows clean and freshly painted. Have roof tiles checked, the guttering cleaned, and trim up those bushes and shrubs when preparing for your next home appraisal visit.

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