Why Your Plainfield IN Furnace System And Thermostat Stopped Working


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Everyone desires to live a life of comfort; this makes it necessary to have a conducive environment for proper relaxation in the home and increased productivity in the workplace. This means that your ventilation and cooling device must always be in good working condition to provide the right atmosphere.

The heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit is the system that makes this comfortable lifestyle possible, while the furnace is the device that is responsible for generating heat. This part is very important and requires regular attention and cleaning.

The two most common weather temperatures are hot and cold, which makes it essential to always find a balance between both. This can be done by installing an HVAC unit, and you can equally save costs when you use an energy-efficient unit in your home or office. This is a wise investment to make as it will provide you with more comfort and fewer bills to pay for energy. If you would like to know more about some of these energy-efficient units, check out Jerry Air Heating & Cooling for detailed information.

Now, let’s see some types of furnace systems, some of the things that can make them stop working, and how you can properly maintain the units.

  1. Types Of Furnace

Many kinds of heating devices can be used to bring warmth to your home. An ideal one should suit the environment and also be pocket friendly. Here are some of the common types.

  • Gas-Fired

This is popular in most homes because it is easy to maintain, stays clean, and has a very long lifespan. It is, however, more expensive than others, and there’s the likelihood of carbon monoxide leaks, but this can equally be managed by installing a detector.

  • Oil-Fired

Although this has a long lifespan, the oil required to run it is quite expensive, and the prices are also unstable. To maintain efficiency, it demands constant removal of the carbon and soot from the heat exchanger areas. Oil filters and burner nozzles often need replacement before they are ignited.

  • Electric Furnace

This type is considered a safe option due to the absence of actual fire; it, however, incurs a higher cost to run. It can be connected to solar panels for areas without constant electricity and to act as renewable energy.

  • Wood Burning Furnace

This is suitable for regions where firewood is affordable and in abundance. It requires one to be present to fuel and tend to the fire. It is often used in combination with other heat sources.

  1. Why Your Plainfield IN Furnace System And Thermostat Stopped Working

Although most problems may apply to the type of system being used, here are some common troubles that may be stopping your system from functioning efficiently:

  • Noisy Furnace

This is a clear indication that something is wrong which may get worse and more expensive if left unattended. The sound could be heard as a low-pitched humming, loud banging, or also a high-pitched squealing. Some simple solutions which could be applied immediately include oiling the blower motor or replacing the filter. It is advisable, however, to call the experts as soon as this problem is observed. For other things that could cause this problem, read this article.

  • Faulty Thermostat

This could be the major cause of other problems being displayed by your furnace. After checking the filter for dirt, the next step is to check the thermostat. A faulty one prevents the system from producing heat and causes wild temperature changes or frequent cycling on and off of the furnace. A professional will check to ensure there is no debris or dust in its parts and that it has power in it.

  • Inadequate Heat

Your system must be functioning properly and producing enough heat, especially during cold weather. If it isn’t, there are some likely problems, and this may be resolved by checking the settings in the thermostat or ensuring that the furnace has power in it. Another likely solution is keeping the heat registers open.

  1. Tips To Properly Maintain Your Furnace System And Thermostat

Several benefits can be obtained from properly maintaining your cooling and heating devices, such as making them last longer since they would not require frequent repairs. It will also function better and be more efficient than previous models. So, here are some tips that can help:

  • Regular Cleaning Of The Filter System

This part requires steady replacement and cleaning because it stops debris, dust, and dirt from entering the system. It should be done according to its usage to avoid an accumulation of waste. It is advisable to replace it if it is completely clogged to prevent the malfunctioning of your unit.

  • Keep The Blower Clean

This is located just right after the filter, and oftentimes, dirt can bypass the filter to the blower. To remove accumulated dirt, it is necessary to clean the pulleys, belts, and blower using a damp cloth. First, remove the panels covering the filter to make the blower assembly accessible.

  • Routine Check Of Thermostat

Always check that it is in good working condition. If it doesn’t seem to be functioning well, then you might want to consider changing it, especially if it has been working for a couple of years. It may be time for a replacement.

  • Clean The Vents And Ducts

The system is often connected to a venting unit which could get blocked when there is a large amount of dirt and dust. This is hazardous to the user and should be removed by using a large brush to clean after taking away the cover. Ducts also require frequent cleaning using a vacuum cleaner. Remember to cover it properly to prevent air from leaking into the heating system.

  • Routine Fan Inspection

Regular inspection will prevent problems from arising, especially with your gas furnace. A thorough inspection can be carried out by experts who will do a general check and also examine the fan components for dust or other debris. This will save you the cost of repairing or replacing parts.


The level of productivity that may be achieved in a workplace is greatly dependent on certain environmental conditions which could either encourage or discourage employees. Cleaning your HVAC system regularly is a major part of the maintenance process since dirt is your biggest enemy. This should, however, be done with great care and observing all necessary precautions. Repairing or maintaining your furnace or other HVAC should be done by a professional since they have the knowledge and equipment to provide the right solution. In addition to ensuring that a proper job is done, they could also offer recommendations or expert advice regarding the air in that environment, the installed systems, and better ways to maintain them.

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