Window Sill Cushioned Seats an Add On Beautiful Space


Window Seat Cushions

  • Sitting by the window
  • In the relaxed window sill cushioned seats
  • I ponder on the memories
  • And this is my favorite zone
  • As I sit with coffee and book
  • Or when my kids pile on me
  • Or when he holds me close to him
  • While it’s raining outside.

Window White Pane Paned Window Sill Seat

An expression about the window sill cushioned seats and how beautiful space they can become. There were times when windows were considered as a thing which house has to have for ventilation but otherwise goes unnoticed. But with a little bit of creativity, you can turn the window sill in a functional and beautiful piece of furniture and add on lovely space for the family to relax by the window.

Interior Design Relaxing Window Sill Cushioned Seats

Here is a simple interior decorating idea through which you can have window sill cushioned seats.

Window Sill Seats with Cushions and Big Windows

You can construct a box area that will serve as a frame beneath the window sill, which has enough space and then adds molding and painting it to match the décor of the room. Next, go out to buy a cushion, which fits the top of the frame or create a cushion yourself. Add a throw cushion if you want. A wooden stand nearby to keep things will also be a good idea.

Modern White and Blue Window Sill Seat with Wooden Bookshelves

The window sill area can turn into a comfortable sofa type seat. You can also add additional utility by getting storage space constructed underneath it. This can be used as space for keeping toys for kids, or books to read there or anything you want to store.

Cool City View Window Seats Design with Cushions Nature Lighting Ideas

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