Window Wizardry: Comparing Your Top Options


For homeowners, maintaining value and curb appeal is an on-going challenge. One of the most concerning is the condition of the windows. Issues with frames, molding, and the ability to keep them clean add more stress. Also, they tend to lose energy-efficiency over time regardless of the season. Wasted energy is a pocketbook concern that windows can make a tangible impact. Finding affordable options with long-term life and warranties are a prudent choice. It is recommended to research these factors before you make a purchase.


Window Design

Most homes have a variety of sizes with their windows. Others go further with different shapes. The most popular ones are the square and rectangular units. Victorian homes have sought after bay windows with seating potential and broader views. The window type is the first hurdle, as discussed by, which is followed by the style. While the design decision has been made with the home architecture in mind, there is flexibility with the functionality of specific designs.


Window Functionality

Several capabilities narrow down a good window selection. Being able to clean windows easily is at the top of the list. The task of reaching the surfaces with ease is essential. Look for windows such as double-hung types with the built-in feature of folding out. Another window function would be the ability to withstand strong winds or projectiles during lousy weather. Look at the performance categories that affect protection against UV rays, noise, summer heat, and insulation in winter. The specific ratings to take special note of include U-value, co-efficient for heat, UV factor, and the rating for STC.


Natural Light Enhances The Beauty In Any Home

While cost can be the deciding factor, aim more for ROI (Return of Investment). A lifetime warranty from vendors such as Gilkey Windows will add to this value. Make sure to opt for ones that include labour and parts. Some windows come with this incentive, speaking to the manufacturers’ willingness to stand by their product. No one likes to incur debt, but consider deals with no interest financing that will give access to the high-end alternatives.


Window Wizardry

The industry has developed materials that never wear out and are resistant to cracking, bending, and more. There are windows such as the Double Nature line with a faux natural wood grain finish. This avoids the need for re-staining over the years. Additionally, expect to find quality for a plethora of speciality windows, including encasement and gliding. The first offers a European appeal, while the other offers convenience.

The aesthetics of the design will generally dictate the specific replacement needed. During the research process, reach out to dealers with unanswered questions. This interaction could help with the final window wizardry decision. Paying attention to the points from this review will help you find the perfect selection.

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