Winter Is Coming: 5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Fall


As the burning hot summer months begin to come to a close, many homeowners begin to take measures to ensure their home is water-tight and prepped into the new year. The long night is coming, and so you should perhaps start to try and think of some ways that you can prepare your home for autumn and winter. If seeking inspiration, here are five ways that you can make your home for the fall.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Should the weather get too harsh in the colder months, or excessive snow/sleet/rain persists, you should put some protective measures in place to ensure that your garden isn’t destroyed. You can start by assessing some of the different plants in your garden, and figuring out which ones are the hardest wearing, and which might need specific attention. Trees at risk of drying out? Consider wrapping them for the winter to provide them with extra warmth. Flowerbeds at risk of waterlogging? Try to build yourself a drainage system or angle your garden the best you can.

Top-Tip: If you want an evergreen garden that can resist harsh weather conditions and self-sustain to a degree, research and invest in some hard-wearing plants. Winter-ready favourites include coneflowers, pansies, hostas and primroses.

Let There Be Light

Winter Lighting Ideas

Getting your daily fix of natural light can be difficult during the winter, and most people that work a standard shift pattern will often find themselves going to work in the dark, and going home in the dark too. Absences of light can affect moods and mental health, so to combat this, consider investing in some lamps and lights that can emulate natural lighting on timers.

Those living in a city centre aren’t as likely to feel like they’re living in darkness throughout the winter, as while it isn’t a complete substitute to natural light, streets are usually lit up 24/7. Property investment companies such as RW Invest offers smart lighting solutions in their properties that save energy and provide ample lighting, as and when it is required.

Drive It Or Park It

Car Parking

When the weather outside is frightful, starting up your car ready for the morning commute can be an absolute chore. Windows often need de-icing before you can even start to set off, engines sometimes won’t start if they’re too cold, and sometimes you can’t also get the traction to reverse off the drive successfully. To help avoid driving yourself up the wall each morning, shift your car storage up a gear by converting your garage if you have one.

As far as your drive is concerned, keeping on top of your path with a dedicated shovel and some grit will surely give your morning journey the kickstart it needs in those November and December months.

Warm And Toasty

Interior Decor For Winter

During the muggy summer months, heating and insulation might seem like the last thing on your mind, but it is essential to prepare yourself for the winter. Ensure that your boiler is in good health, make sure your windows don’t chatter and let heat escape, and perhaps even consider connecting your heating to your mobile device, so that you can control it in preparation when you’re out.

Deck The Halls


Perhaps a frivolous choice, but it is essential at the close of the year to make your home warm and to welcome for both Christmas family visitors, and Jolly St. Nick himself. Open up the loft and get the baubles down, get the lights hung up outside, and put the tree up next to the fire. Just don’t be one of those people that does it too eagerly in September. Christmas decorations can bring some happiness and fun to the home when its dark and dreary outside, and help to get you rejuvenated and ready for the new year ahead.

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