Wireless Security Cameras With No Internet Access: 2 Solid Solutions


Wireless Security Camera

Most security systems now require an internet connection. It allows for live viewing and real-time check of secured premises on mobile phones, tablets, or any password-protected registered device. Does it mean, though, that you can’t be protected if you have no internet connection? What about people with no intention of connecting their live house feed online? Won’t they have the option to feel protected?

This article is perfect for you if you’re wondering if it’s possible to still have a robustly working security camera system even if you’re offline.

After reading this, you will learn of two solid security camera solutions that do not require access to the internet. With this article, you will know that you can still feel secured and safe even if you have an offline security camera set up.

Solution #1:If you have no internet or no network connection, you can opt for a wireless security camera system.

Some places are still without internet connection. Vacation houses in mountainous areas, your grandparents’ old house, longe range farms, and secluded warehouses can end up not having an internet connection. This should not be a point of concern, though, as you can still place a wireless security camera system in such areas.

A wireless security camera system is perfect because it can work smoothly and robustly even in places with no internet connection. A set comes with a special Network Video Recorder (NVR) and multiple WiFi surveillance cams.

The WiFI surveillance cams allow you to have 24/7 access to surveillance video recordings without the need to go online. Once you turn on the NVR and the cameras, an automatic connection between the two systems takes place. Such communication is had even if an internet connection is not available. You don’t even need to connect to a router.

With such a set-up, you need to connect the NVR to any HD screen, and you can start monitoring your area. This whole IP camera set-up does not need an internet connection.

Wireless security camera systems work even without an internet connection because it has its WiFi modules built into it with its frequency of 2.4 GHz (Channel 9, can be changed within WLAN channels). Through such a mechanism, it cannot mess or disturb your own or any router bands. You won’t even need an internet connection.

Take note, though, that if you want to remotely view your area and receive motion detection alerts, you will need to connect the system to a router.

Pro Tip: Invest in a WiFi surveillance camera system that has 2T2R antennas.  It has a robust signal reception mechanism and experiences no signal loss.

You can also avail of a wired security camera kit if you have no access to the internet when you’re monitoring. You can try out the PoE camera kit RLK8-410B4. It works exactly how wireless security camera systems work, just that it transmits data via cables.

Solution #2: If you have an internet connection, you can opt for a wireless security camera.

This solution is best if you have an internet connection, but you don’t want your WiFI camera to overwhelm your bandwidth. For such a conundrum, you can use a wireless security IP camera.

To do this, you should look for a waterproof or weatherproof wireless security IP camera like Reolink Argus 2. Such kind of camera can be easily put outside or inside your home. IP cameras come with their software, and you should duly set up such on your mobile phone. Upon set-up, connect it to your router. Please know that connecting it to your router will not make the camera use your network when it’s active. All you need to do is make sure that the motion detection alerts are set. This is the only time you’d be using your internet, but it should be fine as it’s only going to take a while. After enabling the motion detection alerts, you’re done with the simple and hassle-free set-up! The camera will already be active and start capturing video to store onto its SD card directly.

This solution is cool because you only get to have internet access when you use your phone to live stream remotely. If you’re not using your phone to check on your home, no internet bandwidth is used up. It will only ever connect to the internet on its own if it detects movement from trespassers by sending images and videos to you. Your internet connection will only be used when needed. Your data won’t be eaten up. The good thing about this setup is it can be solar-powered. It can also be powered by rechargeable batteries.

You can also try RLC-410W if you want to use little internet. It’s a good security camera that can secure your home 24/7, record videos into its SD card, and use the internet only when necessary.

There Is Always A Way

Today’s modern world now offers numerous solutions to different needs. Know that 24/7 home protection and security is still possible even if you have no internet connection.

Never allow any circumstance to keep you from protecting and securing your family and your loved ones. Today’s technology offers so many solutions to choose from. You need to know your preferences and what truly matters to you.

Never be discouraged from researching options and alternatives. Your safety and security should always be your top priorities. It would help if you researched intently.

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