Wood Look Tile: Design Ideas For Every Room


It is practical, affordable, cost-efficient, and low maintenance. It comes in a wide range of textures, colours, patterns; yes, we are talking about wood-look tiles compatible with every space, from the bathroom to kitchen to the outdoor area. In addition, the effects and colour options of these tiles are pretty elaborate, offering a handful of sophisticated finishes for the walls and floors.

By combining the non-porous properties with advanced technology, wooden effect tiles offer a faithful restoration of a unique style of authentic timbers. Hence, almost every home builder blindly trusts the solution, and it won’t be wrong to say that wood look stoneware was destined to rule the ceramic industry.

Trendy Design Ideas For Wood-Look Tiles

Traditional Wood Look Tiles

While porcelain stoneware tiles that look like wood come with different shades such as dark, light, grey, and brown, you have to know the right effect to create a warm, traditional and aesthetic living room interior. Today we have tried to elaborate some wood-look tiles-themed ideas which will fit every room of your home.

Natural-Looking Wood-Look Tiles

If you are looking for something rustic and country-like, neutral tones are the best contemporary interior. With varying shades of dark and brown featuring natural materials and notches, these stoneware tiles are ideal flooring choices such as a countertop, accent wall, and many more.

Lightly-Finished Wood-Look Tiles

Wood Look Tile

There is always something classy and luxurious in the light wood floors. It makes the rooms feel artificially wide and open. If you want to create a spacious home, go for the floor tiles with light golden brown, grey and off-white colour scheme. It will also bring a luxurious, fresh, breezy atmosphere for the indoor and outdoor space.

Vintage Wood Stoneware Option

You can never go wrong with the timeless beauty of the vintage solution. If you want to create your home one-of-a-kind, vintage wood tiles should be in your consideration. This tile will bring a luxurious touch to the finish while making the maintenance process easy. That way, you will enjoy the elegant surface without spending several hours cleaning them. Install it in the front of your house and watch how it creates the first impression about your taste on people’s minds.

Soft-Textured Wood-Look Tiles

Wooden Effect Tiles

Want to get a beautiful yet subtle hardwood floor for your home? Softly-textured porcelain stoneware tiles with different natural timber-like soft shades can create an affordable yet luxurious style in your home surface. Whether you install them on the floor, wall, the front part of the house, or any other area, they will leave you awestruck by transforming the room into a calm and soothing space.

Lastly, if you desire your contemporary room to get a little more dimension and detail, a bit of texture and tone in the traditional wood-look tiles can bring more excitement. Lines, grains, and tone gradation is the actual thing that makes it interesting. Install them once in your living room or bathroom and see how beautifully they change the entire ambience.

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