Wooden Decor: 4 Areas In The Home Worth Trying Out

On May 5, 2018 by Rachelle Wilber

Though people have been living with decor made from synthetic materials for a surprisingly long period of time, nothing beats the beauty of wood. Even dense wood can be made into furnishings that are also works of art in themselves and are sturdy enough to be passed from one generation to the next. Though wood can be used in any room of the house, here are four rooms where wood decor really makes an impact:

The Library

When many people think of a library they think of wood decor everywhere. The shelves are made of wood, as are the desk and chair frames. The walls may be covered with the wood paneling that has gone out of style in other rooms. The floor may be covered in tiles or planks of rich hardwood protected by area rugs.

The Dining Room

Dining Room
A formal dining room is another place where wood decor can stand out. The dining table and its chairs can be carved of wood in styles such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, or Hepplewhite. The same is true of buffets and china cabinets. Like the library, a dining room can have hardwood flooring, which is not only attractive but easy to clean.

The Kitchen

Many people believe that the kitchen is too hot and humid for wood. They fear that real wood will warp or swell in such an atmosphere. This doesn’t have to be true if the wood is treated and if it is not inundated with water. For example, experts recommend that a kitchen floor made of wood only be damp mopped and all spills blotted up right away. Wood shutters that are either stationary or can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of light are also good for the kitchen.

The Bedroom

In the Odyssey, Homer claims that the bedstead of Odysseus and Penelope was actually a living oak tree. Most people won’t go that far when it comes to wood bedroom decor, but some of the most lavish wooden furniture is made for the bedroom. Consider the swirls, scallops, and other embellishments of the frame of a bed made in the Belter style, or a four poster bed with turned posters topped with finials. Some of the most exotic woods are also used in the bedroom, including rosewood, whose colors range from deep browns to reddish browns and violets, or teak with its beautiful graining.

Prized for its depth of color, grain and warmth, wood furnishings have always linked humanity to nature. Wood has served humanity well throughout history as decor for our homes and businesses.

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