Working As A HVAC Repair Technician Or As An Electrician


If you’re thinking about working as a contractor, you likely know the general perks of the industry. Many of these positions have been filled by Baby Boomers for years, if not decades. As they start retiring, the positions aren’t being filled anywhere near the rate of depletion by younger generations. Also, considering home construction and population growth, the demand for these lines of work is more than ever.

The lure of high pay and job security might have you looking at doing technician or contractor work, but you also might be stuck between being an electrician or an HVAC professional. That can lead to a choice question, as in which job is easier? Keep reading to learn an overview of all of this here:

HVAC Pros:

HVAC Contractor

These professionals work on heating and air conditioning systems. Given their higher levels of expertise and skills involved, as well as being more of a focused niche specialty, the demand for them is sometimes higher, and so the pay rates and benefits are often higher. Customers are usually going to be very happy to see you, especially after you get their heat or air back on and running again. See more details here

HVAC Cons:

HVAC Units

The cost of entry into this field is higher than it is for electricians, considering the extra levels of certification and licensing involved in most states. Also, demand can ebb and flow, as there are going to be seasonal peaks in summer heat and the winter cold. You might have a lot of unpaid time on your hands in the spring and fall, but more work than you know what to do with otherwise. The feast or famine nature of the work can burn some out.

Electrician Pros:


These professionals still see variety in their workload, but it’s a lot more spread out across the year. Also, it’s more of a generalized field, so there’s a lot more contracts, work, and assignments available in the first place. Getting training, licensing, and certification is also a lot easier, so this field can be much easier to get into.

Electrician Cons:

Professional Electrician

People were working as electricians typically don’t make as much as HVAC technicians, although some markets have exceptions. Also, this industry is more susceptible to having frauds work in it, given the lower standards for certification and licensing. Exciting won’t hurt you if you’re an honest and reputable worker, but it can mean putting up with distrusting customers more frequently, especially if they’re paranoid about you sparking something and their house burning down.

In Conclusion:

HVAC technicians make more, but they have to do more to get into their field, and their workload is slanted towards particular seasons. Electricians don’t make as much, but still, make great money in most markets, and they can get to work faster. The variety and access to work are also a lot more diverse and interesting. All in all, electricians typically have more comfortable days than HVAC technicians do, so it might be a better place to start. You can still apply most of what you learn into becoming an HVAC technician later if you choose to shift fields.

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