Yellow Color and Feng Shui for Your Bedroom

On September 4, 2013 by Vishal Bhanushali

This year yellow is in and many interiors prefer this color. Yellow is one of the beautiful colors and is very cheerful. Yellow can be a misinterpreted color in Feng Shui.

Beautiful Yellow Bedroom

In Feng Shui yellow is the color of wellbeing and is consequently a best color to apply in both the dining room and kitchen as these are the rooms in your home linked with food. If your dining room or kitchen fall in the earth sectors of your home than just feel free to splatter yellow on wall and employ it as your chief color idea when accessorizing.

Modern Yellow Bedroom

Yellow is a good-looking fresh color so it is good to use in the bedroom. White bed linen accessorized with yellow, yellow curtains and cushions, vase filled with beautiful yellow flowers will make great bedroom trimmings and will assist you feel invigorated when you wake up and relaxed when you go to bed.

Yellow Bedroom Design Inspirations

Yellow is an original color and is a good option to use in your child’s room. To excite their imagination dangle a yellow wind chimes from the ceiling in their room or a yellow sun catcher at the casement so that it scatters and catches the energy of the sun all above the walls.

White Yellow Bedroom for Kids with Striped Rug Decor

The north east sector of your home supports knowledge and so if you are currently studying for an exam or learning a new skill display yellow objects in this sector of your home. Pictures or photographs including yellow lamps, yellow flowers, and yellow crystals like pyrite or citrine or yellow candles that can be lit when you are revising will all help you do well at anything you aim to get.

Yellow Bedroom Color Scheme

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