Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Of New Zealand


Yellow Treehouse Restaurant of New Zealand

The yellow tree house is a creative restaurant brought into existence by the bright minds of New Zealand who wanted to spice up the dining experience for the people, granting them an alluring, splendid, and one in a million dollars setting for holding parties for special occasions.

Pacific Environments Architects

The idea sprouted in the architects of a Pacific environment architect firm that worked with innovative new ideas and looked beyond the ordinary to reach an all new level of excellence in the field of construction. Any living soul that takes a mere glance at the yellow tree house becomes an admirer of its flawlessness and immense creativity.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Auckland

The Yellow tree house is a restaurant design carved out in the redwood forest trees. Constructed at a height of 40m above ground with a diameter ranging from 1.7 meters at its base, each of the tree house sectors has the dimensions of 10 x 12 meters. The idea was to give them a cocoon-shaped look, and remarkable achievement has been made to make the project an exact replica of its blueprint. Address it as a sea shell or a chrysalis; the oval-shaped mini domes are the compartments that would hold you and your barbecue at a 40m height above ground level.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Auckland New Zealand

The architects of Yellow tree house have made use of a lot of wood in the construction of the entire structure. It has used involved the working of plantation popular slats and milling of available redwood trees to give the setup its unique appearance where the classy wooden structure frames up much of its best features. The wood is used in the bent form, and sufficient gapping is left between two bent wooden sticks. Such an arrangement depicts the example of eco / sustainable architecture, where architects aim to exploit the availability of nature’s natural elements such as sunlight, wind, ecological setting, etc. While the wind provides the entire structure with a perfect ventilating system, the availability of sunlight in abundance gives out the most natural lighting throughout.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Auckland New Zealand

People hate to be confined to the four walls nowadays, hence such a setting where one gets to have a close encounter with nature revives the age-old bond of humans with nature and leads them to have a peaceful state of mind that is otherwise hard to achieve in the hectic routine of modern day life.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant of New Zealand Night View

Furthermore, to find solutions to the practical problems that are met in the day-to-day functioning of such a restaurant, its kitchen and lavatories are built on the ground floor. The visitors use the wooden staircase to climb up to the top compartments, which previously used to be a celebrated public spot, but now is available only for the booking of private events. No casual dining facility is available to catch a bite at the last moment. Hosting an event (comprising of 30-50 people) and pre-booking of the place well in advance can only get you to take a detour at this amazing place.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Auckland New Zealand Design

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