Yellowish Color Schemes For Living Room


Colors are part of our life, and it makes us alive, happy, and sad. In other words, it affects our emotions and way of thinking. Having colors in a room must be well thought out to make your home exciting.

Each color represents a sensation, feeling, and one’s state of mind. In fact, when we choose our dress, we normally select a shade that will speak of our personality and how we feel.

Stunning Yellow Living Room Design

Following are some color schemes that you can apply in your living room.

Combination Of Yellow And Red

Yellow and Red Living Room Design Idea

Some do not want these colors in their living room as they think they are too bright; however, they are actually the opposite of what they think. Incorporating the soft hues of yellow with warm red suggests the Southern France landscape. To make it look more real, you can have sunflowers with0 green moss and place them in mustard-colored ceramic pots.

Combination Of Butter Yellow And White

Inspirational Yellow Living Room Design

This combination suggests another French-inspired look. Paint your wall in butter yellow and have your furnishings in white. Furniture in white upholstery and old pastels brings on a warm romantic ambiance. Have tiny green and pale blue dashes for your rugs and draperies, while throw pillows can have slight red outlines.

Combination Of Sandy Chocolate And Bottle Green

Green and Chocolate Living Room

For a modern and sophisticated look, have the subdued chocolate-brown in your living room. This makes the room luxurious and brings kindness into it. Dashes of bottle green will make the room look vibrant and will spice up its ambiance. You can have your ottomans in bottle green or a painting with splashes of bottle green to provide a more pleasant and livelier appeal. Your walls, throw pillows, and other room decorations can be in beige.

The above combinations are just a few of the many color schemes you can apply in your living room. Depending on the theme you want for your room, you can choose colors to enhance this theme and blend it well with your furniture choice.

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