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The problem of real estate transactions remains actual for many years. But at the present stage, it has gone beyond one particular country to the international level. An increasing number of people dream of purchasing housing or commercial property abroad. Accordingly, the tools used to solve real estate problems are changing.

One of the effective tools for working with real estate is a resource that works outside national borders. The international portal, activities of which are aimed at a quick search of any real estate in different parts of the world, is one of such resource.

  1. Who Is The Target Audience Of Fodyo.Com?

International Real Estate

First of all, the portal will be useful to those who are going to buy real estate in their country or abroad. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you know exactly what you want or still doubt. Those who have specific intentions can find the selected country or even city on the website and explore the relevant options. If you have not yet made a choice, using the portal, you can compare prices and other conditions for purchasing real estate in different countries before making a final decision.

And it does not matter whether you want to buy an apartment in a newly built residential complex, a cozy house on the coast, or a luxury villa. Or maybe you are looking for real estate to conduct your own business? – On the portal, some offers will satisfy the requirements of any buyer. is quite popular among those wishing to purchase real estate, so that it will be useful to its sellers. By placing an ad with a detailed description of the property to be sold, you can count on a quick transaction.

Also, the portal offers cooperation to real estate agencies, real estate offices, and other companies whose activities are related to real estate. Lawyers and financial organizations that help with real estate transactions can find their clients here.

  1. Structure Of The Portal

Real Estate Abroad contains a huge amount of information, and using it is easy and convenient. The interface of the website is extremely clear, even for those who entered it for the first time. The resource has two language options: Russian and English, which significantly increase communication capabilities.

Start your real estate search from the main page of the site. There are two search options:

  • First, the selection of country and city, then – of type of housing, and view current offers.
  • Selecting the type of housing: an apartment (in a new building or the secondary market), a house, a townhouse, etc., and then searching for a suitable option using a special filter. The filter provides for the search for housing in the specified categories, including country and city of location, living space, the number of rooms, the stage of construction (for new buildings), and the desired cost.

But working with the site is not limited to searching for real estate. Here you can find a lot of useful information, for example, on the conditions for obtaining a mortgage in different countries or on banks offering their services. Those who are looking for an apartment in a new building can get acquainted with objective information about the developer and the residential complex, the place where the house is being built, etc. Here you can also see the exact location of the object on the map.

Moreover, by registering on the site, you can consult an experienced sales manager, contact the seller of real estate, or a bank offering their services.

  1. Benefits Of Fodyo.Com

Real Estate In Russia

Today the site offers a huge amount of real estate in Russia and the United States. But it is at the stage of intensive development, covering more and more countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Germany, etc., with its activities. This approach will allow you to make a decision about the purchase of real estate abroad without leaving your city.

The activities of the portal are in line with current trends in the development of the international real estate market. Information that had previously had to be searched on many different sites is now collected in one place. Portal users receive the complete amount of information about objects of interest to them. is a portal for those who prefer to solve all problems quickly and thoroughly.

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