Your Quick Home Decor Guide: 6 Things to Remember


When decorating your home, putting together the look you want can be overwhelming. Perhaps you need a quick home décor guide that will help you remember the essential essentials as you shop for your new furnishings. These six concepts will help you hone in on what to prioritize.

Every Room Benefits From Having a Point of Focus

Formal Living Room

In each main area of your home, you’ll want to focus the emphasis in an appropriate spot. In many cases, the home’s architecture will dictate where a room’s point of focus lies. If interesting architectural details are lacking, you can create the point of focus through careful placement of the furnishings.

Decorate With Meaningful Pieces

Round Area Rug In Room

Choose home accents that either inspire you in some meaningful way or remind you of the journey you’ve traveled. Your choices should all reflect your style, lifestyle, and personality.

Original artwork offers many possibilities for infusing your surroundings with joy and purpose. You could decorate with paintings depicting your favorite vacation spots or abstract images that intrigue your imagination.

Family heirloom pieces are ideal for adding meaningful elements to your home. You could incorporate vintage vases, handmade quilts, retro furniture, colorful rag rugs, or just about any other piece that’s been handed down from your loved ones.

Another possibility would be a custom-made rug from places like Alyshaan. You can design the entire piece in the colors, patterns, and materials that evoke the style and mood you’re aiming for in your décor.

Furnishings Should Harmonize

Harmonize Furnishings

Your home’s furnishings do not all have to be precisely matching; in fact, too much matching can get boring. However, it’s beneficial if each design element in the space harmonizes with its surroundings.

Incorporate Unifying Elements Into Each Room

Decorative Pillows on Sofa

You rarely want instances where a color or texture is only used once in a room. For example, if your floral print couch has blue accent flowers, you don’t want that to be the only blue found anywhere in the room. You can introduce other small blue-colored accents by adding a decorative pillow, candle, or vase in the space nearby.

Use Scale and Proportion Appropriately

Large Room Decorating Ideas

Do not try to cram huge pieces of furniture into a too-small space. If you’re decorating a large space, be sure to fill the space appropriately.

Keep It Balanced

Balanced Design

Balance colors evenly between lights and darks, incorporating some mid-range tones to tie the look together. It’s also ideal if you have a mix of light and heavy pieces, with each element in a room contributing to a satisfying arrangement of visual weight.

If you remember these six things when you plan your home décor, it’ll help you cut down on the decorating overwhelm factor, allowing you to focus on the essential elements.

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  1. Amazing interiors and the way it’s designed am so in love these interiors .I mean there are no complaints at looks like the house was built because of these interiors. I am still a baby i do not know much about the interiors just trying to collect the ideas and make use of it.


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