You’re Framed: How To Best Display Paintings In Your Home


You’ve created pieces of art or purchased a piece that would look beautiful in your home. Unfortunately, you might not know how to display the art that you now have. If you keep a few tips in mind, you can showcase the patterns, styles, and colors that you like in a way that is enjoyable for everyone.

Make Your Own View

Best Display Paintings In Your Home

Some homes only have blank walls with no windows that look outside. Even if there are a few windows that offer a peek at nature, they might not be that large. Your artwork can be used to create a wall of images that you want to see each day. You can put landscape images on a wall above a sink in the kitchen or images of a city on a wall behind a couch in the living room. Pictures in larger frames often work better with this type of display.


Lighting For Artwork

Position a light so that it shines on a painting on the wall. This display technique works well in smaller homes or in homes that tend to be a bit darker inside. When you put paintings on a wall with a light shining on them, it creates a look that resembles a museum. If you have several paintings by the same artist or you have paintings that are of a similar design, then you could arrange them in a line on a wall with lights shining on them.

Blank Space

Wall Painting

One way to display paintings in the home is to position them where you have blank spaces. These are areas where there aren’t any shelves or other decorations in the home that you don’t want to leave plain and simple. You can get picture frames online or in craft stores of different colors and designs to showcase all of the paintings that you have.

Wall Placement

Effective Wall Painting Principles

When you hang paintings on the wall, think about the placement. Instead of keeping frames in a straight line, consider staggering them on the wall. You could also position them so that they frame a headboard, the back of a couch, or a bookcase. Use the decorations and the furnishings that are already in the home as a base for the picture frames and paintings that you hang.

Paintings are a colorful way to decorate the walls of your home. With all of the sizes and designs available, you can find something to hang in each room of the house. Before hanging your paintings, make a plan so that you know how to position them instead of searching for the right spot.

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  2. I moved into an apartment with very few windows, and I feel like I’m trapped here, so I think it’d be good if I added some artwork to my walls. I loved what you mentioned about creating a landscape with framed pictures or art pieces, so I’ll start my new project this weekend. I appreciate your insight on using paintings and photographs to decorate a home.


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