A Comprehensive Review of Samsung The Frame TV


As the old saying goes, “The essence of every picture is the frame.” Samsung took this quote to heart and made it into reality with Samsung The Frame TV. The Frame is a fashion-forward television that places its frame into the center stage.

The first version of the Frame TV was released back in 2017, and the 2018 version continues to offer the same take with the high-end 4K UHD TV.

If you’re thinking of getting The Frame TV for your home, you need to understand one thing: you’re buying this for its impact on a room. However, Samsung The Frame TV does have other features that make it stand out from other QLED and OLED display TVs.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at this beautiful innovation in TV technology and see if it offers a premium experience like it says it does.

Is Samsung The Frame TV Practical?

Samsung Frame Smart TV

Frame TV is a high-tech smart television, with features that impress. It’s natural to assume that it costs an arm and leg as well. The 2018 Frame TV version is available in three sizes starting at $1,299 for the smallest model, the 43-inch one. As the size grows, the price does too. The figure goes up to $1,999 for the 55-inch model and $2,799 for the 65-inch one.

Are these prices practical? Perhaps not. But for the specs you get from this TV and for how it adds more aesthetic value to your home, you could overlook the price and go ahead and get one.

Samsung The Frame TV: Design Wise

Samsung Frame TV Design

Samsung’s The Frame TV set may have a QLED price point, but there’s no doubt from its quality and build that you’ll get your money’s worth from it.

The Frame TV comes in a gorgeous, glossy metal frame that encased the LCD panel and other vents along its sides. It comes in four colors: black, white, walnut, and beige wood.

The casing, or frame, is essentially a magnetic bezel that you can attach or replace from the main body of the television. This will allow you to change or personalize the look of the set any time. For example, you want to match The Frame’s look with your new furniture? Swap out the bezel, and you’re good to go.

Samsung the Frame TV can either be wall-mounted or set up off a floor or counter. Wall mounting it will suit the TVs purpose of mimicking a picture frame. Furthermore, it can be installed “flush” to the wall so that it hangs gap-free between it and the wall.

How much space the TV set takes up will depend mainly on the size you choose to get, and how you want to display it.

Frame TV is weighty, but it carries its weight in style. Like Samsung’s QLED range of TVs, it comes with the One Connect box, which outsources all the cables and messy ports out of the view of the TV. All the AV, HDMI and power lines are then linked up to the back of the TV using a single, slim wire that you can tuck on the underside of the TV to keep it out of everyone’s view.

In line with Samsung’s other 4k televisions, Samsung The Frame TV comes with the same button-laden remote, but more trimmed down with most of the most used inputs—volume, channel, playback, source, and power.

Samsung The Frame TV: Smart TV

Samsung Frame TV

Samsung’s Tizen OS helps keep things clean and organized with its tidy menu banner running along the bottom of the screen

While Samsung doesn’t offer access to Freeview Play, you will find integrated apps for BBC News, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify ad Deezer as well as many other catch-up apps on the app store. You also get free TV plus service for all sorts of live streaming content on TV.

The leading smart hub displays available films for purchase as well as channels to watch. You can also customize the TV’s notification settings to alert you whenever a favorite TV show, or sports team, is on. This particular feature makes a lot of sense, especially when you think your TV is going to be in Art Mode for the rest of the day.

Frame TV also gives you the option to save your favorite genres (sports, drama-comedy, action, etc.) and make sure to prioritize them when listing channels and titles on the home page.

The Art Store

Comprehensive Look TV

The real focus of Samsung’s The Frame TV isn’t on its catch-up services, or TV channels, or design even though it IS a TV. The real focus is on its Art Store.

The Art Store is where you can gain access to hundreds, to thousands, of art pieces, paintings, and photographs to display on your 4k panel screen. The Art Store’s collection is pieced together from collections at the Van Gogh Museum, The Tate Gallery, and the V & A Museum. The Frame TV hosts a far more comprehensive collection compared to its original 100 picture offering, spanning across different categories such as wildlife, landscape, architecture, and so much more.

Samsung lets you enjoy The Frame’s Art Mode feature by allowing you to create your own ‘playlist’ of images that switches between regular intervals. You can also choose to host or display your favorite artwork, painting, or photograph 24/7. If you can’t find the artwork you want to display from the Art Store, you have the option to upload your photos and images as well. This transforms your massive television into one huge digital picture frame. Amazing, right?

Final Thoughts on Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung, The Frame TV, is a beautifully designed television infused with an artistic sensibility. It has helped transform the lowly television into something more than just an appliance. The price may not jive with everyone, but if you’re the type that enjoys a lifestyle item and gadget in one, then Samsung The Frame TV is just the right one for you.

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