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Nowadays, people are more likely to use doors made of glass rather than wood because of its various advantages. If you are also one of them, you should know how to install glass in a door.

With the help of that, you can install or fix your glass door at a minimal cost. But to avoid any injuries, it is better to consult a glass door specialist.

But there are different types of glass doors and designs found in the market, ex—garage vitriol. So, according to that, their installation procedures are also not the same.

Types Of Glass Door

There are mostly six types of glass doors found in houses, offices, and restaurants. Those are as follows with some detailed information:

  1. Sliding glass door – It is to be open sideways and remains parallel to the wall when opened.
  2. A Hinged single glass door is the most traditional glass door with a rotating hinge on one side of the door edge.
  3. French glass door – It is two single-hinged doors side by side. It has many timber-framed glass sections.
  4. Bi-fold glass door – It is like a chain of two or more single-hinged doors.
  5. Pivot glass door has hinges on the top and bottom of the door, and they can be open and close in any route.
  6. Stacking glass door – It is like sliding doors but has more moving plates. In this case, one plate goes behind another fixed plate.

How To Install Glass In A Door?

As there are different types of glass doors, their installation process in a gate is also different. Therefore here is a complete guide on how to install glass in a door according to their types.

Sliding and Stacking Glass Door

Installing glass in sliding and stacking glass doors is more like installing window glass. They both are the same type of door except for the number of gates and their position. If you are a DIY pro, then you can install glass by yourself. Otherwise, it is better to take the help of an expert. So here are the tips if you are confident enough:

  • First, measure the width and height of your door and subtract ¼inch from the measurements.
  • According to the measurement, you will need to order the glass.
  • Clean the glass properly and measure it with the measuring tape to see if everything is perfect.
  • Do not forget to wear hand gloves as that will protect your hands from any cuts.
  • If everything is alright, take the glass to the door with a helping hand as it is heavy.
  • Apply strong door glue on the inner side of the door to fix the glass into it.
  • Place the glass inside the door before the glue gets dry.
  • Do not apply too much pressure and hold the glass in that position for a couple of minutes.
  • After it gets completely stuck, move your hands smoothly.
  • Finally, clean the glass edges with a glass cleaner to get rid of any chucks.

Hinged Single, French, And Bi-Fold Glass Doors

All these three glass doors are of the same kind; only the design is somewhat different. Hinged single and Bifold glass doors are alike except for the number of doors. So it is more challenging to fix a French glass door as it has many timber frame sections. Follow the given tricks to avoid any mistakes:

  • First, measure your door’s width and height with a measuring tape and subtract 1/8 inch from the measurements.
  • According to the measurement and your door design, you will need to order the glasses.
  • Wear safety hand gloves and call an extra person for help.
  • Apply a bit of sealing composite all over the edge of the frame with a glue gun.
  • Place the glass in the border and push it to get a fix with the composite.
  • After the glass gets attached, apply some putty with a putty knife in the holes.
  • Finally, clean the glass and print the putting part to get a match with the desired door.

Pivot Glass Door

It is slightly different from the gates mentioned above as it can be open and close from any side. So if you are trying to fit glass in a pivot glass door, follow the given steps:

  • First, measure your door’s breadth and height with a measuring tape and subtract 1/8 inch from the measurements.
  • Place your order at the glass shop to get your desired glass.
  • After getting the glass, place it on a large and solid table that can bear the glass’s weight.
  • Take a hinge, go with your door, cut the extra part if necessary, and attach both the glass and hinge with a fixing composite and screws available on the market.
  • For this hinge, this door can be open and close in any route.
  • Finally, clean the glass and fix it as a door in your desired place with a screwdriver’s help.

Benefits Of Glass Door

There are many benefits of having a glass door in your office, home, shops, restaurants, and many other places. If you are in confusion about having a glass door, then assuredly read the points below. It will help you to get to a decision.

  • It is quite affordable than a full wooden door.
  • You can enjoy the beauty of nature from your house as the glass is transparent.
  • It is easy to maintain. You will need a glass cleaner from any super shop or grocery shop to clean the glass.
  • The glass door will not get rotten due to rain, which happens with a wooden door.
  • Having a glass door in your house or office will change the entire outlook of the place.


So from the above article, I hope you have a clear idea about installing glass in a door. The tips and tricks will benefit both professionals and nonprofessionals who have minimal knowledge about glass doors.

But it is always better to get the glass install or repair by a glass door doctor as they are experts on this. Moreover, you will need to buy many accessories to fix it by yourself.

An accident might also happen due to the breakage of glass. So my suggestion is to call a glass door expert and get it done by them in no time.

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