What Is The Average Cost To Renovate A House In Florida?


Home Renovation

A home improvement project could cost quite a dime, depending on the type of renovations you want to make. Thus, it’s better to always consider the budget before embarking on the project. Each project would be different, given your choice of materials, furniture, aesthetics, and other factors. Pricing estimates could also differ per state, city, or county.

Knowing how much refurbishing your home will cost ahead of time is very important to place your priorities according to your budget. Besides, having a budget also allows you to identify problems before they occur. For instance, if there will be a need to raise more cash, you could allocate resources appropriately and avoid wastage.

General Home Renovation Cost

In Florida, the exact amount of what your renovation will cost depends on the house’s size, how much change and aesthetics you need, and the remodeling or renovation stages. For a specific amount, cash home buyers in West Palm Beach or other areas would always perform price comparisons, and you could do the same.

To have an idea, here’s an estimation of the repair quality you need to consider first:

  • Low Grade: This is a type of renovation that includes interior and exterior painting, minor repairs, refinishing wooden cabinets and furniture. It also involves landscaping. Embarking on this type of home improvement project would cost you about USD 25,000 to $45,000.
  • Medium Grade: This grade of renovation takes it a bit higher. It involves interior and exterior paintings, minor repairs, refurbishing of furniture, landscaping, total kitchen renovation, and mild bathroom renovation. This costs about USD$46,000 to $75,000.
  • High Grade: This is a whole package that combines the low and medium-grade renovation and consists of interior and exterior paintings, minor repairs, refurbishing of furniture, landscaping, total kitchen and bathroom renovation, blocking of leakages, fixing of sewer line problems, foundation check, and roofs. This might cost above USD 76,000.

Further Cost Estimates

Your house’s cost of renovations depends on your requirements or taste, your house’s dimension, appliances, quality of materials, and related matters. As you source information on how much home renovation costs in Florida, note the specific repair needs.

Some detailed factors to consider are the following:

    • Age of the house
    • Square footage
    • Location of the building
    • Quality of Materials
    • Quality of appliances
    • Presence or absence of structural changes
    • Depth
    • Condition of the house

Home Renovation Project

Specific Cost Average

Now that you have an overview of what the renovation cost generally should look like, a more in-depth view should follow. Considering the above-mentioned factors that could affect the pricing, tandem those factors with further specifications to arrive at some averages, as listed below.

  • Depending On The House Size

The bigger the home, the bigger the average. Cost estimates the following based on the floor area:

1,000 sq. ft – USD$20,000

2,000 sq. ft – USD$50,000

3,000 sq. ft – USD$75,000

4,000 sq. ft – USD$100,000

  • Average Cost For Exterior Renovation

The exterior renovation consists of landscaping, painting, fixing doors (e.g., garage and exterior doors), fence, porch, and similar areas. They have a general cost of between USD 3000 to $30,000.

However, each specific repair can vary between the following values:

Landscaping: USD 500 to $4,000

Siding: USD$2,800 to $15,900

Exterior painting: USD$1,800 to $3,100

Paver patio: USD$1,900 to $6, 700

Concrete slab: USD$700 to $3,500

Garage door: USD$850 to $1,400

Exterior door: USD$500 to $2,000

Fence installation: USD$1,300 to $3,400

New deck: USD$2,500 to $9,500

Sprinkler system: USD$1,900 to $3,800

  • Average Costs For Interiors Of A Living Room

Renovating living room interiors is all about having it beautifully painted, a fireplace installed to keep you warm during winter, plantation shutters, or lovely flooring installations.

These are what those items would cost:

Interior painting: USD$600 to $2,500

Fireplace installation: USD$1,000 to $5,000

Flooring installation: USD$1,500 to $4,600

Interior design: USD$500 to $1,500

Carpet installation: USD 350 to $800

Window replacement: USD 400 to $800 for each window

Crown molding: USD 400 to $1,100

  • Average Cost Of Bedroom Renovation

A bedroom is definitely a place you would not mind spending on to restore and improve its comfortability. Bedroom renovation deals with painting and furnishing, installing ceiling fans, carpets, cozy designs, and so on. The cost of renovation generally ranges between USD 1,000 to $6,000.

Looking a bit more into details, the average is as follows:

Painting: USD$350 to $1,500

Moldings & Trims: USD$500 to $1,500

Carpet/ Flooring: USD$300 to $2,000

Furnishings / Interior Designing: USD$2,000 to $6,000

Custom Closet: USD$2,000 to $6,000

Ceiling Fan: USD 100 to $350

  • Average Cost Of Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a key factor that attracts a higher selling price of a house. The renovation varies between low range, mid-range, and high-range, depending on your design objectives.

Low range: USD$5,000 to $20,000

Mid-range: USD$30,000 to $65,000

High-range: USD$60,000 to $130,000

  • Average Cost Of Bathroom Renovation

Bathtubs could be counted individually, but the general pricing for each is below:

Bathtub: USD$800 to $6,000

Countertops: USD$450 to $1,500

Cabinets: USD$500 to $4,000

Mirrors: USD 300 to $3,000


Given Florida’s general weather, it’s a good place to start a home renovation project any given time of the year. Thus, with the highlighted average costs above, you would have ample time to prepare the proper budget to renovate your house. The renovation cost might be a hard pill to swallow initially, but you would definitely love the aftermath.

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