Vastu Shastra Tips For Pooja Room


Pooja Room

Pooja room means a personal place for God, our beloved God,

In the old days, mainly in India, many residents provide or construct one pooja room known as God Room, Temple, Mandir, Bhajana room, Prayer room, etc. Days and years are passing; now the pooja room converted into pooja shelf, now a day’s people placing God Idols at shelves only, not involved to construct one separate room to God, our interesting God, why this development happens, because of time, many people do not have time to clean the room or no place to provide pooja room or not interested to do pooja.

Pooja Room Vastu For North Facing House

Which room is the correct place for the deity? We shall discuss all the important things here about our beloved Deity, God. As per Vastu Shastra, the Northeast corner is the right and correct place for the pooja room. But according to the latest logical study, we found that this place (north East) should be immaculate, and we should not construct or put anything at this place. We found that the pooja room’s placement at the northeast corner is the right way, and another way it’s wrong, why because our elders are knowledgeable. Well-wishers to the coming generations, in taking the importance of next or future generations, implemented this pooja room system at Ishan (Northeast) corner and saying these rules as Vaasthu principles.

Why the elders have done like this, there is a great reason behind it. Actually, as per the vastu Shastra Ishan corner walk is perfect and most developed cause for human beings, they implied this rule as pooja room should be at Ishan corner, and also another two reasons are invented that, Ishan place should always be clean. Ishan place should always be less weight; in considering all these factors, they implemented this rule as the pooja room should be at the Ishan corner. Thanks to our elders, well-wishers.

1. Pooja room should always be clean, and no other things except pooja materials should be kept there.

2. Pooja should not be placed at the Southwest corner of the house.

3. Pooja should not be placed at Ishan (Northeast) corner of the house. Here, with some provisions, we can put or install or construct the pooja room at Ishan corner with care before going to do it better to get suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant.

4. In the pooja room, Gods are to be seated at East facing, and we should sit and worship God by seeing the Westside.

5. Pooja room can be constructed at Agneya (Southeast) corner, with some conditions.

6. Pooja room can be planned at Vayavya (Northwest) corner, with some vastu terms.

7. At any cost, the pooja room should not be placed outside of the house. If so, with some specifications, we can do it, but be careful.

8. Four sidewalks are fortunate for pooja room, try it, but only with rigid specifications. Consult for the right experienced Vastu expert.

9. Free air should be passed in the pooja room and should not be closed or air tightened.

10. Pooja room can be seated at Brahmastan. (middle of the house is called Brahmastan)

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  1. Please tell me which direction/ facing of the house is good for me. I did not understand “four side walking is fortunate for Pooja Room”
    My date of birth is 05/05/1960 & time 08:30 AM

    • Facing east, that means you’re welcoming good energy 1st thing in the morning. Main door facing east if you like the sunrise light for windows on that side of the house.But, if you don’t want morning light & prefer the sunset light go West.

      • I have east facing house..on entering comes the drawing room..the north east corner is just beside the entrance gate..i have placed my temple there just beside the entrance gate ..kindly sugess is it auspicious here…kindly sugess

  2. Appears exploring on line a lot more than 3 hours these days, nevertheless We never ever found out just about any interesting report for instance yours. It really is gorgeous worthy of enough in my situation. Professionally, if many website owners plus blog writers manufactured perfectly written content because you do, the internet might be much more handy than before.

    • We are planning our pooja room in northwest corner… U said we can plan but with some terms… Can we all know what are those…

  3. I’m staying in a double storey house..
    I had place my pooja room upstairs. Is that ok if there is a wash room in the down floor and upstairs is a pooja room?

  4. Thanks for the vastu tips dos and donts…What are the conditions for Pooja room to be constructed at Agneya (Southeast) corner.

  5. Sir, We have a beatiful pooja room in our house for the past 6 yrs. happy things have happenned over the 5 yrs. now my husband wants to shift it upstairs near the dinning room. i am really worried. 5 yrs downstairs with respect we had our pooja room downstairs. i dont know what to do. please advise sir. he does not respect my views. tk

    • Once a dirty has settled and is enjoying their stay unnecessary their reinstatement caused disturbance. It should be avoided, in inevitable cases appeasement puja is done. It is better not to use the puja room place for other activities. It annoys the deities . You better go for another puja room on first. Floor.

  6. Sir, Now a days every one built house, I have a dream of building a beautiful, modern house which is very much peacful and consist of spiritual energy and always get repeated ideas in dreams, of building house, planinning the architecture of house myself, Is it realy gonna come true or not. I am a physician by profession, Just want to know about that, my birth date is 17-08-1983. please reply me.


  8. My house’s main entrance is facing north-west. My prayer room is in the west. The dieties are facing the east. What is the best solution for the prayer room? Master bedroom is located in the south-east of the house. What is the best sleeping direction? The children room is in the south of the house. What is the best sleeping direction and the best study table direction? Please reply!

  9. Hello sir,
    We have renovation work is going on at home. And we are believe in vastu shashtra. Now my question for you is
    At present v hv main entrance door is at north-east corner of the house n stairs also place in same direction its facing east direction. .also north east corner cut thr.
    Nw we hv plan to renovate tht the main entrance door will be at North East corner with construction of repair the cut corner n place the door in same direction north east. ..
    And stairs we plan to construct at east direct bt steps running south to north . N v kept 5 steps in stairs.. Please guide us proper direction how we can construct main entrance door with opening direction right or left n also tell us the stairs proper direction as per vastu.
    Thank you

  10. DEAR SIR IN MY OWN HOUSE WE MA DE 4 RD FLOOR ONE SHE’D WITH BRICK WALLS (2 bed room +1hall) in south west corner we made 2 pillars on top of the pillars one and slab (2 feet east and 2 feet west side )
    according to ur knowledge please tell me it’s right or wrong
    Regards R.K.PRASAD. 09700626434

  11. Dear Sir, My date of birth is 13 October 1949. I have a villa that is facing West ( Not 100%). This is villa compound and my villa starts from the entrance. Entrance gate is East. From the is row my villa is No.3. Our entire villa is facing West. We have two bed rooms at the ground and two bedrooms at 1st floor. While entering the bed rooms are left side (North side) and kitchen is at south side. Right entrance is car park space. Gas stove is placed at East wall of the kitchen. Now I want to prepare a space for Pooja / lighting the lamp etc. What would be the best place. While entering right side is hall, then staircase behind that dining area. Thanks for your advise.

  12. I stay with my in laws and we stay in double story building. Me and husband stays at 1st flr and in laws stays at ground floor. And my mother in law has build up a temple at ground floor. So, is it ok if I make my own temple at first floor ??

  13. 5. Pooja room can be constructed at Agneya (Southeast) corner, with some conditions.
    Sir what is the conditio ? Please help me on this. Thax

  14. We have to renovate our flat, I am not getting proper place for puja ghar, in North East direction there is a drawing room so I can not make puja ghar there. Is it possible to make puja ghar in the north east corner of the kitchen adjacent to kitchen Ota. Please let me know

  15. Hi,
    We have recently moved our deities from a closet facing Northwest to Fireplace which is also facing Northwest. Is this allowed. I am doubtful about it from the beginning. Please advise.
    Thank you,

  16. Hello sir we constructed our pooja room in south direction and we are facing too many problems kindly suggest some remedies….. Thank u….

  17. Sir,
    I have a Puja Room in southwest direction, but its not at the extreme south-west direction of the house, its bit inside and near to the central part of the house and is placed inside a child’s bedroom, the deities faces East and we face South-west while doing puja. we are facing problems like quarrels, health problems, financial instability and poor results in academics.

    It would be very grateful and helpful of you, if you can tell me if this is the right part for a puja place.Any suggestion and advice would be appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance.

  18. I find it is really useful tips for me because pooja rooms are auspicious. Thank you so much for sharing. I will suggest your posts to my friends. Hope more people will appreciate your posts.

  19. i would like to know as i have mandir with drawers below it .. is it against vaastu or its fine as some friends told me it shouldnt have drawers below the mandir for house

    pls suggest

  20. Hello sir, l have problem in my Pooja room is in southwest of the house. The Pooja door is facing west direction. My date of birth 23-3-1980. Birth time. 8.35 am. Please help me by guiding.Awaiting for your reply. Thankyou,. Kavitha.m

  21. Great Article. One needs to keep the above points in mind while placing Temples or Idols at home. We also manufacture Wooden temples keeping in mind the astrological aspects at home.. Visit to connect with us and get Temples for your home as per your own Home Vastu.

  22. Hello,

    We have constructed our house where the pooja room is located at Northwest corner. Some vastu experts have told that it is the wrong location.Please suggest any remedy for this.Thank you.

  23. Hello Sir,

    Our house is West facing. And our kitchen is right next to the main entrance. And just on entering the kitchen to the right side we have the pooja ghar. Ie. God’s facing towardS West. Please let us know exactly where can we place the pooja ghar.

    Thank you.

  24. Hello sir.
    Thanks for the information above. My house is facing north. Currently, our pooja room is located at south west corner on the 1st floor. Is a good location sir? Should we move it to east corner. But the east corner is a living room. Is it ok if we do partition to form a pooja room. How should the photos be placed. Kindly please advise us on this sir. Thanks in advance sir

  25. We have a pooja room which is in the north west direction of the house.Is it a major vaastu defect?if yes then any remedy for that?

    • Sir, can the pooja mandir be placed only in the north direction and not in the northeast corner so that the deities facing towards tje south?

  26. Hi..
    Can you please advise whether we stay in a 2bhk flat. One of our bedroom is in the south east direction and master bedroom is in south west direction.
    Pooja room is placed in the south east corner of the room near the Vaastu purush. Is it the right place to go with?

  27. Hi Sir,

    In my home pooja room is came between two bed room. Pooja room is placed middle of house in West. At same time one bedroom, bathroom wall is shared with pooja room. It’s use if only bathroom not for toilet. Is it right?

  28. Impressive work! I really like the information that you have shared with us. I want to say thanks to you for this sharing.

  29. An excellent type of posting style you have used to create this great post. I am bookmarking you page for more updates.

  30. I am constructing a east facing house.for placement of puja ghar ,can we construct a mandir in the campus at north east corner,or is it mandatory to place puja ghar inside the house.?

  31. It was really nice how you said that the pooja room should always be clean and that no other things should be seen inside the room except pooja materials. That’s nice to know because my friend has been asking me a lot about what to do and where to place the mandir in the pooja room. It seems as though he wants to embrace his Indian heritage and get a few things that will remind him of his family. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to let him know.

  32. Sir
    My pooja room is facing west in the North East corner of my house. Some main temples face wast. So shall we have pooja rooms also like that?

  33. My pooja room is facing west in the North East corner of my house. Some main temples face wast. So shall we have pooja rooms also like that?

  34. Sir my puja room falls towards south west and the face of the idol towards north there is no other option what should I do please suggest me?

  35. Hello Sir,

    My house faces west and pooja room is in the northeast corner. Photos kept facing west while praying face towards east. Pooja room is kept outside separate from the house. Are there any problems? Please reply.

  36. Hi
    I have setup my Pooja room in second row from top of 5row shelf furniture (huge). What all things shlould be avoided under and above the Pooja row ?What things can I keep in the other rows like (books , groceries ).?

  37. Sir my entrance of flat is from west side, after entering hall and two bed rooms . One in north east another north west. Kithchen in north east . Another room in south east side whic i made as puja room.
    Pls advise these flat is good for our family.

  38. My flat entrance is from north and I want to make Pooja room exactly from of the main door that means it will be on south wall. Can I do like that, is that correct?

    • We are planning our pooja room in northwest corner… U said we can plan but with some terms… Can we all know what are those…

      • Hai Pallavi this is Shwetha. Mamma maneyalu saha Pooja room vayuvya muleyalli ide so please nimmage gotthiruva information thilisi plz

  39. Thanks for all the tips, your blog post clear my all the doubts regarding pooja room. I am working a manufacturing company of ganesh laxmi murti in Jaipur India. Which place better to put small temple in home?

  40. Dear Sir.
    I am constricting house and my pooja room is located in NE corner and no other place to change it now. Can u please advise me NE is okay? and should I take any Extra measures to construct it properly in NE corner? Thanks

  41. My flat is east facing with the guest room in the South ,master bedroom in the North West and Children’s bedroom in the North East.Is it okay if I place the Puja room in the guest room on the east side?What about putting it in the master bedroom on the west side ?Pls advise

  42. I’m living in north facing house with 1 bhk, when entering house main door right side is my pooja room without door. is it good for my family and kids? pls advice me. Thanks!

  43. We are planning our pooja room in northwest corner… U said we can plan but with some terms… Can we all know what are those…


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