Caring For Your Bamboo Blinds

On March 22, 2014 by Mary James

Bamboo Blinds in Bedroom

If you’ve made the choice to decorate your home with bamboo blinds, then you’re probably already aware that they can last a lifetime with the appropriate amount of care. While online sites like Payless Decor do offer a limited warranty for all of their products, following a few basic steps to care for your new blinds can make a real difference in their continued life and beauty. As a natural product, cleaning requires a bit more than the old “dunk and rinse” methods of cleaning plastic blinds, but with just a few tips it’s easy to keep your blinds beautiful.

Island Beauty Bamboo Blinds


Dusting your bamboo blinds should be a regular duty when cleaning your house, as keeping them dirt and dust free can mean less time while washing. There are two basic options when it comes to dusting your blinds: a duster or your vacuum cleaner. While bamboo shades are certainly sturdy, they’re also prone to small scratches, so it’s important to use a soft cloth, feather duster or your vacuum’s brush attachment when you’re dusting. Aim to dust your new blinds at least once a week to prevent build up of dust or dirt particles. This is particularly important if your shades are in a high-traffic area, your kitchen or are being used outside.

Bamboo Blinds in Kitchen

While bamboo blinds are fine with a quick, naked dusting, you can also use dusting products to help boost the shine in the natural wood. Try using a dust-repellant spray on your cloth before giving them their weekly clean. This can help with build up and make your blinds sparkle.


Regularly cleaning your bamboo blinds that you have purchased from can ensure they give you a lifetime of service, staying beautiful enough to hang in your home for years to come. As a natural product, your blinds will require that you use a non-toxic soap that’s specifically created for wood. Regular washing of your blinds can ensure that you prevent any potential build-up or mildew, which can not only damage your blinds but can also be difficult for any family members who are dealing with allergies.

Children's Room with Bamboo Blinds

In order to clean your bamboo blinds, start by filling a large tub with hot water. As it should be big enough to completely submerge your blinds, many people opt to use their bathtub. One of the easiest ways to clean your shades is to simply add an oil-based wood soap to the tub. Follow the manufacturer’s directions as to the amount you should be using.

There are other alternatives to a commercial oil soap product for cleaning your bamboo blinds. Those who want to go a more natural route can instead use one cup of white vinegar for very gallon of water as a cleanser. If your bamboo appears to be suffering from mildew or mold, try using one part bleach for every two parts of water for best results.

Bedroom Bamboo Blinds

After you’ve submerged your bamboo blinds, allow them to soak for 15-20 minutes, then gently clean using a soft cloth to remove any stubborn stains. When you’re done cleaning them simply hang your shades in a well-aired location to dry. The drying process should take several hours.

Bamboo blinds are a great investment for those who love the look of natural wood. Incredibly sturdy, with proper care your shades can give you a lifetime of service. Try dusting your bamboo shades on a weekly basis, and washing them every six months for best results.

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